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Paul and Angela

Paul and Angela

Paul and Angela, 69 and 59, recently moved from a 1 bedroom property in Rochdale, to a 2 bedroom home on a development in Lowton.

Although they had not long moved to Rochdale (to be near their grandchildren), they soon realised that the property they had bought was not really suitable. They were struggling with the space, especially when their granddaughters came to visit, and they had no real garden as such.

Paul and Angela initially searched for a bigger property in Rochdale, but soon realised they couldn’t afford anything. They have family members in Liverpool and so decided to expand their search area nearer there – and came across their property in Lowton via Snugg Homes.  This location was perfect for them because they are equally placed between their granddaughters and their family.

Paul said: "Prior to moving to Rochdale we had been shared owners in a property in Liverpool, so we were already very familiar with the shared ownership scheme. We knew that it meant we would be able to afford a bigger property for our budget, giving us the space we so desperately needed, in the ideal location.  So, fully aware of the process we were just really excited at the prospect of moving into our new home."

Since moving in their life has changed for the better! Paul and Angela now have more room, a lovely garden, friendly neighbours, and most importantly space for their grandchildren to stay.

Their development is attractive, very family orientated and the neighbourhood is safe! They enjoy walking around the development with their dog and their neighbours are always happy to chat, giving a real sense of community.