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After living in a private rented 2 bedroom property in central Chorley, costing £550 per month, Becca and her family decided it was time for a change!
Becca and her husband didn’t have the security they wanted for them and their two daughters whilst in rented homes. A previous house they'd been renting was sold whilst they were living there – and they had only six weeks notice to leave; so they started looking for a more secure option for their family.

One of their extended family members had applied for a 2 bed shared ownership property through Snugg Homes on the Pear Tree Grange development. They'd been informed about the house, the development and were introduced to the concept of shared ownership; which they'd never heard of before. After some online research, they decided to apply too.

Although Becca and her family couldn't afford a traditional mortgage at the time, shared ownership gave them the opportunity to be able to get on to the property ladder – and as their financial circumstances change, they can staircase and increase their percentage share of the house until they own it outright.

Becca said "We absolutely LOVE the house. We can’t wait to make it our home. The development is lovely and quiet – it’s in the perfect location too, we couldn’t ask for more!"

Becca and her husband were thrilled to be starting a new journey with shared ownership through the service of Snugg Homes. They commented "I want to say THANK YOU to everyone involved in helping us to get into our home. We feel very fortunate to be in this position and feel shared ownership should be advertised so much more!”